Thursday, December 22, 2011

Full Review: ROC Multi-Correxon Eye Treatment

ROC Multi-Correxion Eye Treatment

I never used to be much an eye cream person until about a year ago when I noticed my eye area started getting dry, my dark circles were getting worse and started noticing some fine lines. Now I have to say I was pretty upset seeing these fine lines appearing at such a young age of 20! So I was shopping in Walmart for an eye cream for all these problems and the brand ROC just jumped out to me. I have been using this now for about 7 months and have been pleasantly surprised by the results it has given me. Now I went into this thinking that an eye cream won't do much for me certainly not when it comes to my fine lines. 
I have to say the packaging of the product is cute and really caught my eye in the store. This has very pleasant fresh scent that is not over powering. Something I really like about this cream is that you only need a little bit of it so this small tube lasts you a long time. I apply this just about every night after washing my face, I admit I do forget to apply it some nights due to being so tired. I apply some in my under eye area and a little bit from my crease to my brow since that area gets dry.

This is what ROC claims on their website that this product will do- "Dark circles and puffiness are noticeably diminished and wrinkles appear visibly smoothed in just eight weeks, revealing newer, younger-looking skin."

 I love how good of a job this did with getting rid of the dry skin in my eye area. My make-up goes on a lot smoother and looks better. This cream really smooths yours skin out and makes it nice and soft. ROC claims that this product reduces puffiness but I have not noticed that at all. I have noticed that it helps with dark circles tho. After using this for about a month I started noticing the blueish tone in my under eye area had faded a little. Don't expect this to completely get rid of your dark circles tho, no product can really do that. As for fine lines, I haven't seen much a of change. It has just made them a little less noticeable, but I really don't expect an eye cream to get rid of them. Overall I really like this product and I would buy it again, it has made a difference.

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