Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lipsticks I Love!

To me, lipstick is an essential when it comes to make-up. Lipstick can either really pull a look together or it could break it. I'm going to share with y'all some lipsticks I am just in love with! Some of them are discontinued ones, but I just happen to love a lot of discontinued lipsticks. I hope this helps some of you find a new lipstick that you might love too. If you have questions just comment below, thanks loves :)

1. Victoria's Secret Perfect Lipstick- Kiss Me (Discontinued)
First off, I love love love the packaging, not cheaply made at all! This has to be the most creamy lipstick I have tried, which means you gotta be careful tho because it breaks easy, makes your lips very soft and healthy looking and feeling. This lipstick is just a really pretty hot pink color with tiny pink reflects all through it. I like to wear this with a really simple eye, just eyeliner on the top lash line and a little bit of mascara.

2. Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick- Dark Pink Frost
I already did a post on this lipstick, yes I am that in love with it! I wear this almost everyday, its just the perfect pink lipstick and looks great with just about any look. It's so moisturizing, your lips become so soft after wearing this for about 10 minutes. For me, the color lasts for about 2-3 hours. So what I really love about this lipstick is it starts off a sorta darkish pink, then fades into a beautiful pinky nude color.

3. E.L.F Lipstick- Classy
This is just the most beautiful color and it flatters my lips so well, its like a mauve/rose color in darker lighting but when your outside in the daylight or in certain lighting it looks like a very light barbie pink. It may not be as moisturizing as some of my other favorite lipsticks but it doesn't not in any way dry them out or sink into the lines you may have on your lips, just make you put on lip balm first like with every lipstick. These are matte lipsticks, they are long lasting in book.

4. Revlon Super Lustrous, Pearl Finish- Blushed
I love this lipstick so much because just about every time I apply it the color looks somewhat different from the last time. When i swatch it on my hand its a dark pink color, when i put it on  my bare lips it looks very dark pink too, close to my normal lip color. When I use this over my e.l.f lip primer, omg, it turns out this gorgeous light peachy pink. I don't like the way it looks on my bare lips but with a lip primer wow, so for girls with pigmented lips like mine you will probably not like it, but if you have lighter lip you will fall in love with this color. It has a frosty look to it, doesn't dry my lips out.

5, L'Oreal Infallible LipColor- Azalea
 I know this is more of a lip-stain than a lipstick but I felt I needed to add it anyway. This is the best long lasting lipstick type product I have come across. Unlike a regular lip-stain these are very true to color, normal lip-stains come out usually darker than you think they will. These will not come off much when eating and I have tried removing this off my lips with water, no does not move! Another great thing is the smell of the conditioner it comes with, I don't know how to describe it i just love it,it doesn't just smell good it does what it needs to. Since this is a long lasting lip product it does dry the lips so you do need to apply the conditioner through out the day. Now this color, Azalea, is my favorite one so far. Its a very pretty blue toned pink color and shows up wonderful on my darkly pigmented lips, which is rare when it comes to lighter colors. LOVE IT and recommend it to those of you who like the blue toned pink look on your lips.

6. Rimmel Lasting Finish- Pink Champagne
If you like pink lipsticks, like I do, then you need this color. It's just a really pretty barbie pink color, you can build it up to be a brighter kinda hot pink color too tho. Feels moisturizing on my lips but not a greasy feeling like some other lipsticks can. This is one of my favorite lipsticks for the summer, love wearing it to the beach when I don't have much makeup on. It's pretty long lasting from what I can tell, I don't know if it lasts through eating because I always take my lip products off before eating. I actually kinda like the smell of this, it doesn't smell all chemically which is great. Yup, just a wonderful lipstick, so go out and try it ladies.

7. Revlon Shiny Sheers- Honey Drizzle (Discontinued)
This is the most unique lipstick I own or have tried really. Revlon really needs to bring this back because I think the formula of this lipstick is amazing! This lipstick glides right on and feels like silk on your lips, and it looks like you wearing lipstick & gloss. This color is such a gorgeous natural color and is perfect for summer time. The name completely describes the color, its a honey color, or a light tan nude color with bronze reflects in it. If you can find this lipstick seriously buy it, its my favorite lipstick ever.

8. Maybelline ColorSensational- Born With It
At first I didn't like this, because as you all know I have pigmented lips and light colors don't show up good on me, but with a primer it comes out the color it should. This is a neutral colored pale pink, it has this awful glitter in it that just does not come off unless you scrub your lips tho. This is one of them colors that would look beautiful with any skin tone. This lipstick is nice and creamy and feels like a lustre from MAC. The staying power on this is great and holds up pretty well through eating, from the one time I ate with it on.Has a really nice, kinda fruity scent to it ad packaging is cute. Only bad thing is the glitter part I mentioned but I can live with it.

9.  Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick- Lilac Glam (Limited Edition)
 The packaging says limited edition on this but I have heard it may be discontinued I'm not sure. But I love this one so much I had to put it on here, its worth tracking down and buying. First of the case is amazing, especially for traveling and multi-taskers, its in a silver tube that has a flip top and when you slide the slider on the side of the tube the lipstick pops out of the top. It casing doesn't feel cheap and I have had no problems with it. Now the color is just as cool, its called lilac glam, but i would say its more of a mauve based color and when light hits it you can see hints of lilac. But I have noticed when it fades after wearing it for a bit it turns more lilac. Love the texture, feels just like a gloss or balm on your lips. overall an amazing lipstick and wish Avon would bring it back soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

ELF 100 Eyeshadow Palette

Love, Hate Relationship
By Melissa from East Millinocket, ME on 5/20/2011
3out of 5
Pros: Versatile, Good Value
Cons: Messy
Best Uses: Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Daily Use, Oily Skin
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
Skin Tone: Fair
Age: 16-24
I bought this because of how much everyone raved about it, so i expected a lot from this. I must say overall the pigmentation is good, but there are some in this color that give off no pigmentation at all unless you crush the eyeshadow and use it like a pigment, but still then not that good. As with any eyeshadow, if you use a primer, the staying power is good. I love that it comes with a decent sized mirror. The eyeshadows have a gross smell to them that throws me off tho. I'm still on the fence with this one, I don't find myself using it much. I make an effort to but just end up going to other eyeshadows.

So Excitedd!!

I was just checking out ELF because i haven't been on the site for a while now. I looked in the new section and just about  fell out of my seat, so many new colors in old items, PLUS all new items that look fantastic. I don't know about you but i'm so excited to try out all the new stuff and put up some reviews for y'all.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review

I want to talk to you today about a new favorite lipstick collection I been using from Wet N Wild. Now I only have two colors of these, but I am just so impressed by them that I plan to get a lot more. I have been using these for about 5 days, switching between them and trying different looks, I really wanted to get a good feel for them to give y'all a in depth review. The best thing about these lipsticks is how moisturizing they are, when you apply them it does not make dry skin on your lips noticeable and it works like a lip balm after wearing it for about 5-10 minutes you lips feel so smooth and just healthy. Another great thing is you don't really need to wear a lip gloss with these, when you put it on your lips it looks like your wearing a gloss, they just look very gorgeous. So one thing I don't like is the packaging, they just look and feel cheap, but also the lipstick doesn't roll down all the way so you have to be very careful opening these or you will nic or break the lipstick. They also don't have the name on the packaging, its on the seal that you take off after purchasing, it just has a number on the bottom which I personally don't like. There isn't really a smell to it, it just smells like lipstick normally does. Now I'm going to talk about the two colors I have and give you pictures of it on my lip and swatches.

502A- Dark Pink Frost
 This is my favorite of all the lipsticks I own, this lipstick is cool toned and the color to best describe it is like a mauve/pinkish frosty color. I think this would look flattering on just about anyone, I have very pigmented lips and this shows up great on them unlike most lipsticks I try. When you first apply this its a brighter kinda of barbie pink color with a gold shimmer, when you've been wearing it a little while and it wears off some it turns into a beautiful nude! Just so in love with this shade. Here are some pictures for you :)

514A- Cherry Frost
So I bought this because I didn't own any red lipsticks due to the point that most red lipsticks look horrid on me. I am so happy i picked this red, I can actually pull this shade off and it look amazing with a very neutral eye. The coolest thing about this color is if you put this on light its a very pretty dark pink/fuchsia color and if you put it on a little but thicker its a beautiful sorta bright frosty red color. Oh, and i just ate some oatmeal with this on and it's still there and looking good. I can't put into words how amazing this lipstick is, so here are some pictures :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Products That I Dislike!

This post will be about products that I own that I dislike, some may be newer products, but some may not be available anymore. I may hate it simply just because I didn't like the color I got or just because the product was all around poor quality, I will be sure to let you know what i didn't like about the items.

Revlon Powder Blush

I hate to say this, because I love Revlon, but this has to be the worst blush I've tried. I am very light skinned, so I usually have no problem with blushes showing up on me. This blush I have to put on about 5-7 layers to even see the slightest tint of color on my cheeks! Who has time to sit there and layer and layer on blush? Not me. When trying to swatch this with my finger I have to push down very hard and run my finger over it so many times and still can't really see it, what I'm saying is the pigmentation is horrible. Sorry Revlon but you failed on these blushes, maybe reformulate them?

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara
 I usually love Neutrogena products but this mascara just really does not do it for me. So I go and curl my lashes then put this on and ya it looks fine, then I look in the mirror about 5 minutes later and my eyelashes look all droopy, this mascara is just to heavy to hold any curl. The brush on this does not separate my lashes good at all, like when I'm brushing this on I will notice like about 4 lashes clump together looking like one big one, and this does this all through my lashes. It does add the tiniest bit of length, but not much, and it really adds no volume, and I hate using two different mascaras to get both volume and length. Just not my cup of tea, but it may work for you, who knows.

Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner
I realllly regret buying this, this broke in 2 ways after only having it for less than a week, but I kept trying to use it anyway so I could see the quality of the product.  So how this broke is that the center (the shadow) fell out of the pencil, then the shadow broke right in half! This product is not creamy at all, its very hard, and you have to push down hard and go over your eye many times to get it to go on and go on evenly. Mine tends to kinda go on chunky, which can be blended with my finger, but it shouldn't do that in the first place. Plus this "pencil" is very hard to find a sharpener that works good on it. Would rather go buy a Nyx Jumbo pencil.

L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow
 For the price that these cost I would expect these to be a lot better than they are. Now I mostly bought this because what they claim the brush does, which is apply the perfect eyeshadow look with one sweep, but the brush is a total fail no matter how I try to use the brush it just doesn't work for me. This also should have came with a lot more of the eyeshadow, the small little strips can be hard to get at without accidentally dipping into 2 colors. Did I mention how hard my case was to open?? I literally was trying to pry it open for about a half hour, so not fun. Now I love the eyeshadows themselves and wish they made these trios without the brush and with more product and of course cheaper.

L'Oreal H.I.P Kohl Eyeliner
This is a product I would be in love with if they fixed a few things. I love the way these look on my eyes and they are so easy to apply, because the applicator is amazzzzing. But this has some really bad qualities to it that make it so I can't use it. The worst thing about this is that it has NO staying powder at all, it smudges soo easy and fades fast. I put this on and about 20 minutes later its all over above my crease. Surprisingly this last long on the water line, but when applying this to my water line the product gets all over my eye and it just hurts and my eyes get all red.  Another downfall is that the fallout on this is bad. I really wish L'Oreal would reformulate this because I love the colors and how it looks and how easy it is to apply but the staying powder being poor ruins it for me :(.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
This has to be one of the worst lip products I have tried. As soon as you start applying this the cracks in your lips instantly start to stand out, which is NEVER attractive and is every girls worst nightmare. The color selection is just not there, there are 10 shades to choose from and they are all a lot darker on your lips than they appear they would be. The nude kiss one is no where near nude! Plus the product itself drys out very fast even if you don't leave the cap off, it also drys out your lips, which is a no no in my book. This just looks so streaky on my lips too, it doesn't matter what I do. I might as well just go out and buy a marker and draw on my lips, atleast i would have a better color selection ha.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer
This has to be the worst primer ever, either that or I got a defected one. First thing I hate about this is that it feels very greasy on my face, and I have oily skin and this just makes it worse. The worst thing about this is that when I am rubbing/blending this into my skin it kinda peels and once it drys it makes me look like I have dry patches all over my face! Plus this has the most disgusting smell to it. I threw this out and will NEVER use it again.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup
The one thing that disappoints me most about this product is the shade selection, I have the lightest one and its just too dark to use on my skin.  But I kept trying it anyway because I hate to let make-up go to waste and I wanted to see how good it works. This foundation just is way too heavy feeling on my face and feels and can look greasy. You have to twist this thing soo many times to get enough product going, and a lot gets absorbed into the applicator and is wasted, which isn't good because you already don't get as much as you would with a regular foundation. You have to use a brush, your finger or a sponge to blend this out because the applicator it comes with makes it go on streaky. I would never buy this again.

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Foundation
 So this foundation claims to match your skin tone when you blend it in, which is why I bought it because I can never find a light enough shade for my face, so I bought this in the lightest color. Let me just say this does not in anyway come close to matching my skin tone when I get it all blended in, it is way to dark and its even kinda tinted orange. It looks like I put self tanner on my face or something. This foundation also drys pretty fast even tho its very wet when it comes out, which this makes it hard to blend, and the coverage is light which isn't good for women like me who have acne. Overall not worth the money, it may be a good foundation when I get a tan, we will see.

Max Factor Eyeshadow Trios
 So this has been the only product from Max Factor that I didn't like. So the colors in these trios look very pretty when your picking them out, and they are all matte, but once you get home and swatch them and use them you realize there is like barely any pigmentation to them at all. This really surprises me because on the back the company that makes them is Procter & Gamble, the same company that makes Covergirl! So when I was swatching these I had to press down really hard on them to get color and then they just got really chalky and crumbly. So sad because I bought about 7 of these because I needed some good matte colors, but ended up wasting a lot of cash on something that really I have no use for.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review Of ELF Products I Own

This will be a very honest review of all the ELF products that I own. I have had all these products for at least 2 weeks, some for over a month. So I have had time to really get to know the products.

1. ELF Eyelid Primer ($1 one)

Of course the thing I love most about this primer is that is only $1. I personally have fell in love with this primer, I find that it works better than my MaryKay one, which costs a good amount more. This primer looks kinda like a peach, skin-tone color but once you blend it out on your eye is totally translucent. My eyelids get pretty oily throughout the day but this primer really holds up, about 8 hours after I apply my make-up it still looks amazing. I heard the mineral one is better, so I'm very excited to get that one because this one is great. I even bought my mom one for Mother's Day ;)

2. ELF Lip Primer & Plumper
This product gets an average rating from me. I don't like the plump side, it stings my lips very badly and I don't see any plumping happening. I only use the plump side if I don't have a lip balm on my and my lips are feeling a little dry. Now the primer side I do like, I have very dark pinkish colored lips so nude colors on my don't tend to work or look nude at all, but i put this on under my lipstick and I get the perfect nude lip. This can also be used as a concealer on the face if you happen to not have yours on you. But I could just simply use a concealer on my lips to get the same effect on my lips as the primer side gives me.

3. ELF Zit Zapper
I would give this 4 out of 5 stars. It would be 5 stars but I HATE the smell of this product, it smells like pine needles mixed with alcohol. But besides the smell, the products works good for me. As soon as I notice a new zit forming I roll this right over it, within about 15-30 minutes, the swelling and redness does go down and makes the zit cover-able with make-up. My zits do seem to go away a little faster when I use this, but of course it won't go away overnight. I do find that this does dry out the skin, so do not roll this all over your face, its meant to be a spot treatment.

4. ELF Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo
I am so shocked that this is only $1! I have tried just about every drugstore mascara out there, and I like this better then most of them and will continue to buy this over them considering its cheaper and works just as good. Now I only use the waterproof side if I go swimming, if its raining or if i know I might be crying that day ha. I find that waterproof mascara is a hassle to remove so I use regular mascara just about everyday. Both sides of these have the same brush and work the same. This mascara does a great job at separating the lashes, it doesn't clump on me, it holds curl and I only need 1-2 coats. Overall a great product.

5. ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
This is my favorite liquid eyeliner so far. I only bought this in black because I wanted to make sure it was good before I got more colors. I know a lot of people say that they didn't like it because they got a dried out one, but mine wasn't dried out at all. This eyeliner is so great, i have a very shaky hand so using liquid eyeliner is so hard for me, but this very thin tip makes it very easy for me to apply. The black is the perfect black, its not like a dark grey like some others I have tried are, this is veryy black. i wouldn't call it waterproof tho, more like water resistant. But I think everyone should at least try this eyeliner, its only $1 and you might end up saving money by replacing an expensive one like I did.

6. ELF Eye Widener & Shimmer Eyeliner
The eye widener is pretty much just your basic, matte white, eyeliner pencil. I use this everyday for highlighting the inner corner of my eyes or some times put a dark shadow on then line my top lash line with this. Overall its a good product, love the price.
The Shimmer eyeliners I am in love with. The colors are great, I love doing a very basic light color eyeshadow, then lining my lash line with these to add a little pop of color, it looks so amazing. These eyeliners are so creamy and go on very easily. I love that they come with a sharpener on the cap, just pop on the cap and twist it and its sharpened, how cool is that? I have 2 of these at the moment, but I plan on getting 2 of each color.

7. ELF All Over Color Stick

I have this in Lilac Petal & hope to own all them soon. It comes in a small tube but a little goes a long way and its only $1. This is one of my favorite ELF products. I use this as a cheek color, lipstick & eye primer. This works great on me for a lipstick, the lilac petal one looks like a pinkish nude on my lips and it doesn't look dry on my lips. This works great as a shimmery cream blush. But I love to use this mostly as an eye primer, I sometimes like this more then the ELF eyelid primer, which is saying a lot because I like the eyelid primer a lot! it smells good too which is always a plus.

8. ELF Lipstick ($1 one)

I only bought one so i could see if I liked it or not, and I bought the color Classy. Classy is kinda of like a light rose color, and I think it looks beautiful on the lips. As with any lipstick you need to use lip balm before applying or you will see all the dry skin on your lips, this does seem to sink into the cracks of my lips more than most drugstore lipsticks. Not my favorite lipstick but for the price its ok.

9. ELF Tinted Moisturizer & Mineral Foundation

The $1 tinted moisturizer and $5 mineral foundation are pretty similar. They both have SPF 15 & both are very light coverage. The only real difference is that one is a liquid and one is a powder. The liquid one is better for people with dryer skin & the powder is better for oily skin. I like them both for days that i don't need much coverage. I like the powder one for the summer time & the liquid for in the winter. Overall good products for the price, worth a try.

10. ELF Shimmering Facial Whip

I was very disappointed with this item, I was hoping it would be a good highlighter for my face. First off I hate the tiny tube it comes in, it feels greasy on your face, it doesn't look natural and takes work to blend in.Sorry ELF but there is nothing I like about this product, a total fail in my book.

11. ELF High Definition Powder

The HD powder is one of my favorite ELF products. The puff that this comes with is sooo smooth and silky feeling, even tho i don't use it. When I put the powder on I don't see any difference, but then I take pictures of myself and wow, it makes me look radiant almost. You can not feel this powder on your face at all. This powder is completely translucent so women of all color can use this, should be in everyone's bag just incase someone decides to snap pictures of you.

12. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

I use these bronzers everyday, I love them soo much and they save me a lot of money! The luminance one is great as a face highlighter, i use it everyday. I use the sun kissed one everyday for an all over face and neck bronzer. The warm tan one i use as a contour on my face and on my chest to make my cleavage look better and fuller. These are very silky to the touch, and yes they can get powdery, but you just have to be careful when picking up the product with the brush just touch it very lightly to the product. These blend out just fine for me, I find nothing wrong with them and will repurchase foreverrr.

13. ELF Natural Radiance Blusher

First off let me just say I HATE the packaging, wayy to small to even fit a brush in, and i had to break one open because it was stuck. These are very powdery and messy. The one in innocence does not even show up on my, its sooo light, it may show up on someone with darker skin but I'm very pale, I could only use this to tone down a cheek color if I used too much. The shy color is the only one that looks good on me, its a pretty pink color and its not to vibrant and in your face. Coy is like a dark mauve color, it looked horrid on me! I find that applying these with my fingers is the best way since the packaging is so small and its easier to blend that way. Overall i wouldn't buy these again.

14. ELF Brightening Eye Color Quads

Let me start off with the bad things about these quads. the triangle shape of the eyeshadows and the size of them makes it hard for me to pick up the product with my brushes. Plus these can get powdery and messy if you are not careful. Now I love that these are cute and compact so you can take them with you. The colors are great and very pigmented and true to color. These are a steal for $1!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Websites For Beauty Shopping

 ELF is so great because of prices and the overall quality of their products. A good chunk of their products cost only $1, the higher quality products range from $3-$8. They also have sets & kits that cost a little more, but that is just because your getting more than one product. They are always having deals on the site like if you spend a certain amount, usually $15-$25, they will ship your order for free or give you some free items. I will be making a separate post soon on all the ELF products that i own.
2. HauteLook- www.hautelook.com/
This is a site I feel that everyone should know about, its that amazing. HauteLook is a site that hosts sales events EVERYDAY, deals from 50%-75% off! The site deals with very high-end brands, for example, Rock & Republic, Michael Kors and Valentino. They have sales on men's, women's & kids clothing, home decor, costmetics, jewelery, hail tools, sunglasses, handbags & getaways. You get $10 for the site for every person that you invite, but they have to join the site and make a purchase. So if you're going to join give me your email so i can invite you and get some free HauteLook cash.

3. Coastal Scents- http://www.coastalscents.com/
 Coastal Scents is the best place to go for affordable & good quality make-up palettes. The most popular palettes seem to be their 88 palettes. They have so many palettes so choose from, for eyeshadow they have about 9 different ones, a few have some blushes added in them too. They also have separate ones for lips & blushes. You can also make your own palettes if you want to. The site is not just limited to palettes tho, they make foundation, bronzers, concealers, eyeliners, eyepencils, brow quads, lip gloss, flash lashes, make-up remover, soaps, make-up brushes & much more.

4. Cherry Culture- http://www.cherryculture.com/
 Cherry Culture sells great products such as Nyx, Milani, Beauty Blender, Playboy & much more. I love this site because they usually have really good sales like 50% off. They give you free shipping on everyone order $40 & over. Plus you get a free lip balm with every order, how cute is that?

5. Skin-A-Licious- http://www.skin-a-licious.com/

Skin-A-Licious is my favorite place to go when shopping for soaps and body lotions. All the soaps are made from organic materials. The lady who makes the soaps started the company because she was sick of seeing her son suffer with his eczema, and her soaps have gotten his eczema under control, so for you people out there with eczema her products would be great for you! This site make the coolest soap i have ever seen, she has ones that look just like real cupcakes & the smells of her soap are just mind-blowing. I cannot rave enough about this site, I would not buy from anywhere else. She doesn't just make soaps and lotions, she also has some great hair products, lip balms, body scrubs, make-up remover & brush cleaner, face masks and body mists.

6. Avon- http://shop.avon.com/shop/default.aspx
The first make-up that I ever bought was from Avon and I have been in love with them ever since, and they just get better with time, like wine. Their products are great and so are their prices, they always have items that are on clearance before they go away, which is good for stocking up on a great product. Their customer service is good, shipping is fast. You can always choose to have a rep, I was one years ago, reps. will sometimes give you free samples plus they can tell you whats good or not good because they tend to order a lot from Avon themselves.

7. Drugstore.com- http://www.drugstore.com/
This is site has a great selection of items and always have sales going on. The title pretty much says it all ha.

8. Ulta- http://www.ulta.com/
Ulta has a lot my favorite brands to buy from. They have free shipping on all orders $50 and over, plus they give 3 free samples with every order you place online. There are always great sales going on, so you can save a little money on your favorite products. Just overall a great place for buying cosmetics.

9. Victoria's Secret- http://www.victoriassecret.com/
What girl doesn't love Victoria Secret? They have the most comfortable, yet sexy bra, undies, sleepwear, swimwear and lingerie. Plus they have everyday clothing, their clothing is very stylish and looks great on anyone. The prices may not be the cheapest, but they are always have specials or sales. Now my favorite part of Victoria's Secret is there perfumes, lotions and make-up! They have the most amazing fragrances, this is my favorite place to go to get new perfumes and body mists, they are always coming out with newer and better ones. Their make-up is always high quality and has the cutest packaging.