Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Websites For Beauty Shopping

 ELF is so great because of prices and the overall quality of their products. A good chunk of their products cost only $1, the higher quality products range from $3-$8. They also have sets & kits that cost a little more, but that is just because your getting more than one product. They are always having deals on the site like if you spend a certain amount, usually $15-$25, they will ship your order for free or give you some free items. I will be making a separate post soon on all the ELF products that i own.
2. HauteLook-
This is a site I feel that everyone should know about, its that amazing. HauteLook is a site that hosts sales events EVERYDAY, deals from 50%-75% off! The site deals with very high-end brands, for example, Rock & Republic, Michael Kors and Valentino. They have sales on men's, women's & kids clothing, home decor, costmetics, jewelery, hail tools, sunglasses, handbags & getaways. You get $10 for the site for every person that you invite, but they have to join the site and make a purchase. So if you're going to join give me your email so i can invite you and get some free HauteLook cash.

3. Coastal Scents-
 Coastal Scents is the best place to go for affordable & good quality make-up palettes. The most popular palettes seem to be their 88 palettes. They have so many palettes so choose from, for eyeshadow they have about 9 different ones, a few have some blushes added in them too. They also have separate ones for lips & blushes. You can also make your own palettes if you want to. The site is not just limited to palettes tho, they make foundation, bronzers, concealers, eyeliners, eyepencils, brow quads, lip gloss, flash lashes, make-up remover, soaps, make-up brushes & much more.

4. Cherry Culture-
 Cherry Culture sells great products such as Nyx, Milani, Beauty Blender, Playboy & much more. I love this site because they usually have really good sales like 50% off. They give you free shipping on everyone order $40 & over. Plus you get a free lip balm with every order, how cute is that?

5. Skin-A-Licious-

Skin-A-Licious is my favorite place to go when shopping for soaps and body lotions. All the soaps are made from organic materials. The lady who makes the soaps started the company because she was sick of seeing her son suffer with his eczema, and her soaps have gotten his eczema under control, so for you people out there with eczema her products would be great for you! This site make the coolest soap i have ever seen, she has ones that look just like real cupcakes & the smells of her soap are just mind-blowing. I cannot rave enough about this site, I would not buy from anywhere else. She doesn't just make soaps and lotions, she also has some great hair products, lip balms, body scrubs, make-up remover & brush cleaner, face masks and body mists.

6. Avon-
The first make-up that I ever bought was from Avon and I have been in love with them ever since, and they just get better with time, like wine. Their products are great and so are their prices, they always have items that are on clearance before they go away, which is good for stocking up on a great product. Their customer service is good, shipping is fast. You can always choose to have a rep, I was one years ago, reps. will sometimes give you free samples plus they can tell you whats good or not good because they tend to order a lot from Avon themselves.

This is site has a great selection of items and always have sales going on. The title pretty much says it all ha.

8. Ulta-
Ulta has a lot my favorite brands to buy from. They have free shipping on all orders $50 and over, plus they give 3 free samples with every order you place online. There are always great sales going on, so you can save a little money on your favorite products. Just overall a great place for buying cosmetics.

9. Victoria's Secret-
What girl doesn't love Victoria Secret? They have the most comfortable, yet sexy bra, undies, sleepwear, swimwear and lingerie. Plus they have everyday clothing, their clothing is very stylish and looks great on anyone. The prices may not be the cheapest, but they are always have specials or sales. Now my favorite part of Victoria's Secret is there perfumes, lotions and make-up! They have the most amazing fragrances, this is my favorite place to go to get new perfumes and body mists, they are always coming out with newer and better ones. Their make-up is always high quality and has the cutest packaging.

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