Thursday, September 8, 2011

Full Review: Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer

Wet n Wild Natural Blend Lip Shimmer
Shade: 104 Berry

Price: $1.99
Available At: Local Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens

I wanted to try one of these lip shimmers because I just cannot wear many lipsticks due to them drying my lips out, so I wanted to try something that had color but also didn't make my lips look all dry and gross. I am so glad I picked the Wet N Wild lip shimmer, I should of picked a lighter color tho knowing that darker colors don't look that good on me. Surprisingly these lip shimmers are actually very moisturizing, I kinda feel like it does a better job than a good majority of my lip balms, and I own tons of lip balms from many different brands. I love that these are made from natural ingredients too, who really likes to put scary chemicals all over their lips? The packing is just adorable, it has cute little leaves all over it and the cap that shows the color of the product, which the cap is pretty true to color. There so a lot of product in the tube and since it's only $1.99 and sometimes even cheaper if you can find a sale, I would say that this is a great value. 

The shade Berry is a deep pinkish color with very fine shimmer in it. I wish I could pull off this color better, because it is seriously a beautiful color! The swatch on my hand in the picture makes it look sheer, but it is very pigmented, it was just the light washing it out a little.

would I recommend this? Yes, just make sure you choose a color that you know compliments you.

Full Review: Avon Ergonomic Rounded Eyeshadow Brush

Avon Ergonomic Rounded Eyeshadow Brush
Price: $2.99
Available At: Avon's Online store or a local representative

This was the first brush I ever bought and have had it for 3 years, it's still in great condition and I use it everyday. The ferrule fell apart a few months ago but I just super glued it and it's back to normal. The handle is a nice glossy black, I think it's plastic not sure tho, but it doesn't feel cheap. The brush is comfortable in my hand and I have great control over it. The bristles on this brush are so soft and are tapered into a dome shape, also there has been very little shedding in the 3 years I have had this brush. This is a great brush for all eye shapes, I have a small eyelid area and this brush comes to a pretty small point at the top so it can really concentrate in a small space, but it also can cover a bigger area easily also. Now what I mainly use this for is adding color to crease and as a blending brush, since I don't have a proper blending brush, and it does the job perfectly. I have to say tho it can be used to do your whole eye look and this is what I used to have to do before I got my other brushes.

Would I recommend this? Yes, this has been my go to brush for years and it has never let me down, plus it's a good price point too. You won't be let down if you buy this brush.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Full Review: Rite-Aid Renewal Flat Eyeliner Brush

Rite-Aid Renewal Flat Eyeliner Brush

Price: $3.99
Available At: Your local Rite-Aid

I was so excited to see the Rite-Aid brand brushes, they all look so sleek and beautiful, plus the prices are great, I was drooling over them for awhile before deciding. I finally decided on the Flat Eyeliner brush because the only eyeliner brush I owned was the one you get with the Maybelline gel liner, haha. Let me just say I am so glad I picked this brush. First off it only cost $4.00 but you would think it cost a lot more because of the sleek and expensive looking quality of the brush. it has a matte black handle, so classy, the handle feels so cool if you touch it lightly it has like a soft rubbery feel. Of course it has the classic silver colored ferrule, and the bristles are 2/3 black and the top 1/3 is white. The bristles are synthetic for all you animal lovers, and I personal though since they were synthetic they wouldn't be soft, but boy was I wrong, they are indeed soft and silky feeling. The bristles also aren't too stiff or too flexible, they are only flexible enough that they will follow the curve of your eye in one smooth swipe. It is the perfect width also, I thought there was no way I could pull off a thin line with this brush, but once again I was wrong. I must say I am super impressed by this brush and will be getting the rest of the line and reviewing it for you all.

Would I recommend this? Without a doubt, the price is great and so is the quality.

Full Review: E.L.F Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush

E.L.F Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush
Price: $1.00
Available At: or your local Target

I ordered this on the E.L.F website, there were some good and bad reviews but I like to see for myself if something is good. Now I must say I don't have many brushes at all and most of them are from E.L.F so I can't really compare it to much. But I do have another brush just like this from E.L.F that comes with their mineral foundation. This is an angled face brush, what I use it for is contouring and highlighting my face and truthfully if I had a better brush I would probably just throw this one away. It does the job, just not that well because it's not very dense at all and the bristles are very flimsy. I usually have to hold the bristles so they don't move too much while I'm trying to contour, I think it's great for highlighting tho because you don't want to much product which can make your face look too shiny. Another downside is that the bristles are a little bit scratchy, which can make your face red. The top has not fallen off the handle surprisingly and the brush wasn't shedding until I had it for like 8 or so months, now it sheds bad and that sucks because it already doesn't have enough hairs to start with.

Would I recommend this? No, spend the extra $2.00 from their studio line of brushes, all of them are so soft and just wonderful!

Full Review: E.L.F Nourishing Cuticle Pen

E.L.F Nourishing Cuticle Pen

Price: $1.00
Available At: or your local Target

I like to wear the fake nails you can get at Wal-Mart, the kiss ones, but the downside is when they come off or you take them off the glue completely drys out my nails so I have dry patches all over my nails. So I bought this product not expecting it to really make the dry patches go away, but within 2 or 3 days you could not see them anymore and my nails looked a lot more healthy. I love the tip on this, I sometimes push my cuticles back with it too. The tip is that of which you would find on a marker, a felt tip, it is angled and thinner at the tip. The tip applies the perfect amount to the area you choose to apply it, so product doesn't get wasted. So far it has lasted me about 8 months and seems like there's still a good amount left and for a dollar I would say that's crazy good. It is fortified with Vitamins E, A, C, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe, plus Avocado and Almond Oils that help to condition nails and cuticles for improved appearance. I find that applying this to your nails then buffing it off with a nail buffer before painting your nails makes the polish go on less streaky and just easier, and it could be just me but I find my nail polish last longer when I do this.

Would I recommend this? Yes, If you are someone who does your nails a lot and your nails get dried out, then this is a tool I think you should give a try.

Full Review: E.L.F Defining Eye Brush

E.L.F Defining Eye Brush

Price: $1.00
Available At: or at you local Target

This brush is such a great value, at only $1 a piece I would recommend getting a few because this brush can be used a few different ways. My favorite way to use this brush it for setting my under eye concealer with powder, it's perfect for this because it fits in the under eye area perfect and it doesn't pick up too much product. Another use is highlighting, I use this for highlighting the inner corner of eye, brow bone, the nose and cupid's bow. Lastly, I use this for applying a darker color to the outer V and defining the crease, it fit perfectly into the crease. I really enjoy this brush and it helps my make-up just look amazing. I do find that this brush could be a little more dense but that's the only downfall. Other than that I have had no problems with the brush shedding or the handle coming loose, which happens to some of the E.L.F brushes. The bristles are soft, in no way are they scratchy. The one thing I want to mention is that with E.L.F's items sometimes you will get a bad one that is just made badly due to mass production, so if buy an item that has so many good reviews and something seems off about it just contact customer service and they will most likely fix the problem.

Would I recommend this? Yes of course,  I would recommend this to just about anyone. Mostly people on a budget or beginners trying to build a brush collection.