Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Full Review: E.L.F Defining Eye Brush

E.L.F Defining Eye Brush

Price: $1.00
Available At: or at you local Target

This brush is such a great value, at only $1 a piece I would recommend getting a few because this brush can be used a few different ways. My favorite way to use this brush it for setting my under eye concealer with powder, it's perfect for this because it fits in the under eye area perfect and it doesn't pick up too much product. Another use is highlighting, I use this for highlighting the inner corner of eye, brow bone, the nose and cupid's bow. Lastly, I use this for applying a darker color to the outer V and defining the crease, it fit perfectly into the crease. I really enjoy this brush and it helps my make-up just look amazing. I do find that this brush could be a little more dense but that's the only downfall. Other than that I have had no problems with the brush shedding or the handle coming loose, which happens to some of the E.L.F brushes. The bristles are soft, in no way are they scratchy. The one thing I want to mention is that with E.L.F's items sometimes you will get a bad one that is just made badly due to mass production, so if buy an item that has so many good reviews and something seems off about it just contact customer service and they will most likely fix the problem.

Would I recommend this? Yes of course,  I would recommend this to just about anyone. Mostly people on a budget or beginners trying to build a brush collection.

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