Friday, May 13, 2011

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Review

I want to talk to you today about a new favorite lipstick collection I been using from Wet N Wild. Now I only have two colors of these, but I am just so impressed by them that I plan to get a lot more. I have been using these for about 5 days, switching between them and trying different looks, I really wanted to get a good feel for them to give y'all a in depth review. The best thing about these lipsticks is how moisturizing they are, when you apply them it does not make dry skin on your lips noticeable and it works like a lip balm after wearing it for about 5-10 minutes you lips feel so smooth and just healthy. Another great thing is you don't really need to wear a lip gloss with these, when you put it on your lips it looks like your wearing a gloss, they just look very gorgeous. So one thing I don't like is the packaging, they just look and feel cheap, but also the lipstick doesn't roll down all the way so you have to be very careful opening these or you will nic or break the lipstick. They also don't have the name on the packaging, its on the seal that you take off after purchasing, it just has a number on the bottom which I personally don't like. There isn't really a smell to it, it just smells like lipstick normally does. Now I'm going to talk about the two colors I have and give you pictures of it on my lip and swatches.

502A- Dark Pink Frost
 This is my favorite of all the lipsticks I own, this lipstick is cool toned and the color to best describe it is like a mauve/pinkish frosty color. I think this would look flattering on just about anyone, I have very pigmented lips and this shows up great on them unlike most lipsticks I try. When you first apply this its a brighter kinda of barbie pink color with a gold shimmer, when you've been wearing it a little while and it wears off some it turns into a beautiful nude! Just so in love with this shade. Here are some pictures for you :)

514A- Cherry Frost
So I bought this because I didn't own any red lipsticks due to the point that most red lipsticks look horrid on me. I am so happy i picked this red, I can actually pull this shade off and it look amazing with a very neutral eye. The coolest thing about this color is if you put this on light its a very pretty dark pink/fuchsia color and if you put it on a little but thicker its a beautiful sorta bright frosty red color. Oh, and i just ate some oatmeal with this on and it's still there and looking good. I can't put into words how amazing this lipstick is, so here are some pictures :)

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