Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Products That I Dislike!

This post will be about products that I own that I dislike, some may be newer products, but some may not be available anymore. I may hate it simply just because I didn't like the color I got or just because the product was all around poor quality, I will be sure to let you know what i didn't like about the items.

Revlon Powder Blush

I hate to say this, because I love Revlon, but this has to be the worst blush I've tried. I am very light skinned, so I usually have no problem with blushes showing up on me. This blush I have to put on about 5-7 layers to even see the slightest tint of color on my cheeks! Who has time to sit there and layer and layer on blush? Not me. When trying to swatch this with my finger I have to push down very hard and run my finger over it so many times and still can't really see it, what I'm saying is the pigmentation is horrible. Sorry Revlon but you failed on these blushes, maybe reformulate them?

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara
 I usually love Neutrogena products but this mascara just really does not do it for me. So I go and curl my lashes then put this on and ya it looks fine, then I look in the mirror about 5 minutes later and my eyelashes look all droopy, this mascara is just to heavy to hold any curl. The brush on this does not separate my lashes good at all, like when I'm brushing this on I will notice like about 4 lashes clump together looking like one big one, and this does this all through my lashes. It does add the tiniest bit of length, but not much, and it really adds no volume, and I hate using two different mascaras to get both volume and length. Just not my cup of tea, but it may work for you, who knows.

Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner
I realllly regret buying this, this broke in 2 ways after only having it for less than a week, but I kept trying to use it anyway so I could see the quality of the product.  So how this broke is that the center (the shadow) fell out of the pencil, then the shadow broke right in half! This product is not creamy at all, its very hard, and you have to push down hard and go over your eye many times to get it to go on and go on evenly. Mine tends to kinda go on chunky, which can be blended with my finger, but it shouldn't do that in the first place. Plus this "pencil" is very hard to find a sharpener that works good on it. Would rather go buy a Nyx Jumbo pencil.

L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow
 For the price that these cost I would expect these to be a lot better than they are. Now I mostly bought this because what they claim the brush does, which is apply the perfect eyeshadow look with one sweep, but the brush is a total fail no matter how I try to use the brush it just doesn't work for me. This also should have came with a lot more of the eyeshadow, the small little strips can be hard to get at without accidentally dipping into 2 colors. Did I mention how hard my case was to open?? I literally was trying to pry it open for about a half hour, so not fun. Now I love the eyeshadows themselves and wish they made these trios without the brush and with more product and of course cheaper.

L'Oreal H.I.P Kohl Eyeliner
This is a product I would be in love with if they fixed a few things. I love the way these look on my eyes and they are so easy to apply, because the applicator is amazzzzing. But this has some really bad qualities to it that make it so I can't use it. The worst thing about this is that it has NO staying powder at all, it smudges soo easy and fades fast. I put this on and about 20 minutes later its all over above my crease. Surprisingly this last long on the water line, but when applying this to my water line the product gets all over my eye and it just hurts and my eyes get all red.  Another downfall is that the fallout on this is bad. I really wish L'Oreal would reformulate this because I love the colors and how it looks and how easy it is to apply but the staying powder being poor ruins it for me :(.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
This has to be one of the worst lip products I have tried. As soon as you start applying this the cracks in your lips instantly start to stand out, which is NEVER attractive and is every girls worst nightmare. The color selection is just not there, there are 10 shades to choose from and they are all a lot darker on your lips than they appear they would be. The nude kiss one is no where near nude! Plus the product itself drys out very fast even if you don't leave the cap off, it also drys out your lips, which is a no no in my book. This just looks so streaky on my lips too, it doesn't matter what I do. I might as well just go out and buy a marker and draw on my lips, atleast i would have a better color selection ha.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer
This has to be the worst primer ever, either that or I got a defected one. First thing I hate about this is that it feels very greasy on my face, and I have oily skin and this just makes it worse. The worst thing about this is that when I am rubbing/blending this into my skin it kinda peels and once it drys it makes me look like I have dry patches all over my face! Plus this has the most disgusting smell to it. I threw this out and will NEVER use it again.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup
The one thing that disappoints me most about this product is the shade selection, I have the lightest one and its just too dark to use on my skin.  But I kept trying it anyway because I hate to let make-up go to waste and I wanted to see how good it works. This foundation just is way too heavy feeling on my face and feels and can look greasy. You have to twist this thing soo many times to get enough product going, and a lot gets absorbed into the applicator and is wasted, which isn't good because you already don't get as much as you would with a regular foundation. You have to use a brush, your finger or a sponge to blend this out because the applicator it comes with makes it go on streaky. I would never buy this again.

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Foundation
 So this foundation claims to match your skin tone when you blend it in, which is why I bought it because I can never find a light enough shade for my face, so I bought this in the lightest color. Let me just say this does not in anyway come close to matching my skin tone when I get it all blended in, it is way to dark and its even kinda tinted orange. It looks like I put self tanner on my face or something. This foundation also drys pretty fast even tho its very wet when it comes out, which this makes it hard to blend, and the coverage is light which isn't good for women like me who have acne. Overall not worth the money, it may be a good foundation when I get a tan, we will see.

Max Factor Eyeshadow Trios
 So this has been the only product from Max Factor that I didn't like. So the colors in these trios look very pretty when your picking them out, and they are all matte, but once you get home and swatch them and use them you realize there is like barely any pigmentation to them at all. This really surprises me because on the back the company that makes them is Procter & Gamble, the same company that makes Covergirl! So when I was swatching these I had to press down really hard on them to get color and then they just got really chalky and crumbly. So sad because I bought about 7 of these because I needed some good matte colors, but ended up wasting a lot of cash on something that really I have no use for.

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