Saturday, April 7, 2012

Full Review: Kiss Nail Dress

Kiss Nail Dress (Leopard)

I got the chance to try these out free, I got them in My VoxBox via the website Influenster. Let me just start off by say that these are just a dream! They come come in 18 beautiful designs, I happened to try the leopard ones which I am a huge fan of leopard so it worked out perfect. 

When they say these are long lasting they are not kidding! Where I work my nail polish is always chipped after one day, but these lasted two weeks with very little chipping. That could be due to the fact I used a base & top coat. One thing I didn't like was that they peel off, they don't come off with nail polish remover. I found that peeling them off did a little damage to my nails, nothing major but bad enough I wanted to cover it up. Another problem I had was that my nails are so tiny that a lot of these stickers were too wide so I had some of the sticker covering my skin near my cuticle, which isn't cute. I like how it comes with 28 so you can use the extra ones later on since they don't dry out. You could use the extra ones to do just the tip of your nails with the leopard. I love that these are simple and easy to apply. I had so many people asking where i got my nails done, they were surprised to hear I did them myself with these stickers. 

Overall, I think these are worth the money and would recommend them. They are beautiful and easy to apply. They last very long and there is very little chipping or peeling. You can get really creative with these too!


  1. I wish I saw this review earlier! I was just in CVS looking at them, I almost bought them, but decided to wait. Damn!

  2. Hey girl, stop by my blog i gave you an award.

  3. I love those nails! Your blog is amazing :)


  4. It looks great!